Clinical Skills Development Service

Simulation Provider Training

Simulation Provider Training

Simulation provider training

CSDS has developed training courses specifically to give simulation providers the fundamental knowledge and skills to develop, deliver, and support their own simulation education events.

They are offered separately, and together form the foundations of the Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Simulation, a nationally recognised qualification for simulation providers.

Verification of competency

Verification of competency

A verification of competency (VOC) is a method of assessment that demonstrates your ability to competently operate and maintain CSDS manikins.

To loan and operate CSDS manikins at your workplace you are required to have successfully completed a VOC.

Verification of competency needs to be completed every two years.

Most part task trainers or Megacode Kellys with Vitalsim handpiece don’t require a VOC.

VOC Process

  1. Register for and complete:
  2. During SCT you will complete a VOC for three full body manikins.
  3. Additional training from CSDS is needed to complete a VOC for other manikins. Express your interest via our contact form.

VOC Assesors

To make it easier to maintain your VOC currency, CSDS allows those who meet the criteria below to assess others.

To deliver a VOC you will need to have completed:

  • Introduction to Simulation Training (IST)
  • Simulation Coordinator Training (SCT)
  • Hold a current VOC in the relevant manikin

The participant will need to have completed: