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Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Simulation

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Simulation has been developed as a 'hands on' competency-based qualification that provides the 'nuts and bolts' of designing, developing and managing simulation-based education in healthcare. This nationally recognised qualification (under the Australian Qualification Training Framework) provides formal recognition of healthcare simulation education as a specialised career pathway.

The course is designed to be completed within two years of commencement, and incorporates a combination of face-to-face workshops, on-the job training, and self-paced learning components.

The workshops incorporate a range of learning activities which provide a practical application of the knowledge provided. They also provide a number of resources that elaborate on the content delivered in the workshop, including comprehensive manuals and further reading. The learning provided in each workshop is then able to be consolidated through the conduct of activities in the workplace.

Assessment occurs through the completion of a training plan incorporating on the job activities. This assists in the transfer of knowledge, skills and behaviours to the workplace.

Course fees are $10,000 for enrolment in the full qualification. Recognition of Prior Learning is available at a cost of $16,000 (participants must meet suitability criteria).

Note that the individual workshops can also be undertaken separate to the qualification.

Frequently asked questions

What format should my submission take?

The submission should be a paper copy in an A4 ring binder folder with indexing. Please directly insert the paper onto the ring binder and don’t utilise plastic sleeves.

A digital copy on a USB drive is also to be provided.

For section 6, a video for each debrief is to be submitted so that it can be reviewed by the GCHS Committee.

When can I submit my assessment?

You can submit your assessment at any time during the two year period.

How long will I have to wait to hear about whether my submission is successful?

The assessors have a maximum of one month from the submission of the GCHS to provide feedback.

What happens if my submission needs additional evidence or changes to content?

Your assessor will contact you and provide guidance and feedback on your submission, particularly around any additional work needed. They will return your entire submission to you. They will not provide solutions to each section that requires additional work.

How many times can I submit my assessment?

Normally, a maximum of two submissions is allowed.

What happens if I submit my assessment at the end of the two years?

If you submit at the end of the two years, the assessor will have one month to complete the review. If your two year period expires and your assessor has advised that you are required to provide more evidence, you will need to re-enrol at your own cost.

What happens if you don’t agree with the assessor’s feedback?

All submissions are moderated by the GCHS Committee. You are welcome to make an application to the Committee to have your result reviewed. If you are unhappy with the result of this review, you are welcome to make an appeal to the Cunningham Centre. The appeals process can be found in the Cunningham Centre handbook which you received at the GCHS orientation session.