Clinical Skills Development Service

CSDS Honorary Fellowship Program


CSDS is committed to the development of education in healthcare to support the provision of a first class healthcare system on a state-wide, national and international basis. The CSDS Honorary Fellowship Program is a key component of this, by providing professional development to individual fellows which focuses on the use of simulation, and education in general, in healthcare. The fellowship program is separated into the following types:

  • Honorary Fellow in Simulation Coordination;
  • Honorary Fellow in Simulation Facilitation; and
  • Honorary Fellow in Education.


The program is aimed predominantly at healthcare professionals with an interest or background in simulation and / or education. It is also open to potential applicants with a simulation and / or education background in other industries such as:

  • aviation;
  • defence;
  • resources and infrastructure;
  • transport and logistics; and
  • emergency management and national security.

The participation of non-healthcare fellows will support the investigation of alternate simulation and / or educational tools, viewpoints and methodologies in relation to the clinical environment. Similarly, the professional development of the non-healthcare fellow will include the use of simulation and education in healthcare.


The program is delivered over a 12 month period, which enables the fellow to receive the greatest professional development from the program whilst being able to maintain their normal employment. It is envisaged that fellows will maintain their normal employment whilst participating in this program.

A fellow must attend CSDS as part of the program for a minimum period of 25 days. This may occur as individual days (eg 1 day per fortnight), or as a block period (eg 5 or more consecutive workdays).


The program is delivered on a voluntary basis. Remuneration will only occur if the costs are associated with their involvement in the program eg travel and incidentals as part of attendance at a CSDS approved event or activity.

Professional development

Fellows participating in this program will receive professional development through attendance on the following CSDS courses as a minimum:

Fellow in Simulation Coordination:

Fellow in Simulation Facilitation:

Fellow in Education:


CSDS will periodically request applications for one or all of the three types of Fellows depending on organisational needs and vacancies.

Expressions of interest

All expressions of interest can be made by sending your CV and enquiry through to CSDS at [email protected].