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About Simulation


Healthcare simulation allows clinicians and students from various disciplines to:

  • practise procedures
  • refine communication techniques
  • gain experience in recognising and treating medical conditions
  • undertake multi-disciplinary teamwork training.

All training is in a safe learning environment without the potential to cause any patient harm.

Simulation scenario and manikin

Procedural Skills

CSDS has many multi-purpose training rooms and a range of simulation equipment designed to teach, practise, or update procedural skills. Equipment includes:

  • part-task trainers designed to replicate tasks such as intercostal catheter insertion, intubation, cannulation, and epidural insertion.
  • sophisticated virtual reality surgical and procedural simulators to develop depth perception, dexterity, and endoscopic and vascular procedural skills.
Simulation control room

View our equipment and loans to find out more specific and detailed information about our simulation equipment.

Immersive Simulation Education Events

CSDS uses immersive simulation education events to facilitate multidisciplinary clinical teams developing teamwork, crisis management and communication skills. Immersive simulation education events also provide an opportunity for teams to recognise and treat rare, unexpected, or common clinical conditions.

Immersive simulation at CSDS

Simulation education events are delivered in simulated clinical environments (for example, an operating theatre fully equipped with an anaesthetic machine, surgical equipment, and staff). They often use interactive neonatal, paediatric, or adult manikins to provide clinical cues and responses.

Theatre simulation at CSDS

A simulation education event can be observed and recorded, and then reviewed as a part of the structured debrief that follows each scenario. The debrief is designed to explore the participants’ actions within the scenario, and to discuss technical and non-technical points of interest.

Simulation debrief at CSDS

CSDS has developed and delivered immersive simulation-based training to clinicians from such diverse disciplines, including:

  • anaesthetics
  • emergency
  • intensive care
  • paediatrics
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry
  • speech therapy
  • surgery.

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