Clinical Skills Development Service

eLearning Development

Development of eLearning Courses

As well as simulation-based training, CSDS can develop customised eLearning courses for training clinicians in all areas of medicine, nursing, and allied health.

eLearning development at CSDS

We can work with you to establish your needs, and develop an online package that may include:

  • text
  • images
  • videos
  • animations
  • interactions
  • assessment.

We can help you determine whether a stand-alone eLearning course is the best solution for your needs, or if a blended learning package with a simulation-based training component is suitable.

Charges for these services are determined on a case-by-case basis.

eLearning +Plus Development Standard

CSDS ensures all eLearning courses developed in-house are of high quality. eLearning +Plus provides the participant with additional learning benefits that complement the course content.

From January 2014, as part of the CSDS continuous improvement plan, a new standard, eLearning +Plus has been implemented and will apply to all future design and development of our eLearning course packages. This standard ensures:

  • course content and components are developed to an agreed high-quality standard and are highly responsive to the industry’s existing and future demand for new skills
  • a course structure that allows participants to complete specific modules without completing the course, enabling a more flexible modularised structure
  • participants can download a course transcript providing a detailed summary of results, completion dates and module descriptions.

Client Testimonials

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Inpatient Improvement Team
Access Improvement Service, Queensland Health

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Dr Mark Horswill
Associate Professor
School of Psychology, University of Queensland

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