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About eLearning

What is eLearning?

eLearning is a wide set of applications and processes that use all available electronic media to deliver education and training.

Our eLearning courses are offered online, often using multimedia and interactivity to engage participants in learning. Some are stand-alone courses, while others are part of a blended learning approach along with a face-to-face course component.

The main advantage of eLearning is that it provides a flexible approach to education and training, as participants can work through and access the materials at times that are suitable to them, from work or from home.

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What courses are available?

CSDS provides a wide selection of eLearning courses and resources, most of which are available free of charge to clinicians.

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We currently provide courses on diverse topics and specialty areas for medical, nursing, and allied health staff. Topics range from specific procedural skills, to patient assessment, and training for the introduction of new policies or processes in a ward-based setting.

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Become an eLearning Facilitator

Facilitators create and manage eLearning groups, where participants are invited, monitored and supported through their eLearning course/s. Anyone with the correct clinical credentials can become a Facilitator.

Interested in becoming a Facilitator? Please let us know via our contact form by selecting the subject 'Become an eLearning Facilitator'.

eLearning help

We hope that you find our courses easy to access and use. If you do have problems, we want to help. Please see our help page for support contact details.

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