Clinical Skills Development Service

Communication Program

Communication Program

The Clinical Skills Development Service’s (CSDS’s) Communication Program provides information, programs and support to international medical graduates (IMGs) who are employed by Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) in Queensland, and Queensland Health staff who assist doctors to progress through the Australian Medical Council (AMC) examination process and integrate into professional practice in Australia.

The Communication Program staff are experienced in teaching and assessing non-English speaking background health professionals. We liaise with a large number of health professionals including medical administrators, clinicians, directors of clinical training and medical educators, who provide input into program design and delivery including assessment and teaching on programs and trial examinations.

Medical Communication Course

Clear and effective communication is critical in a healthcare environment, especially between clinicians and their patients. The Medical Communication Course assists clinicians with preparation for clinical examination and also provides clinicians with communication strategies that can be applied in any clinical role. It is a blended course that consists of both eLearning and face-to-face modules of learning.

The target audience for this course is doctors preparing for the AMC clinical examination; doctors who are referred to CSDS by a Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) Panel for communication and cultural up-skilling; and doctors on all pathways and specialties who have been identified by their supervisor of training or clinical director as needing individual communication and cultural training.

Topics covered include:

  • preparing for a clinical examination (such as the AMC Clinical Examination)
  • seeking patient consent for a physical examination
  • history taking
  • communicating a management plan
  • communication principles.

Communication and cultural skills training

The Communication Program further supports communication and cultural skills training appropriate for the Australian healthcare setting by offering:

  • individual communication assessments to support doctors with their English language skills and communication suitable for Australian healthcare context
  • PESCI panel referrals for communication tutorials.

For all doctors, it is important to become involved with medical education programs and opportunities in your HHS. Contact your clinical director, your director of clinical training (DCT), or your medical education officer (MEO). They will be able to advise you of relevant programs to assist you.

If you wish to participate in the next Clinical Trial Examination please download the application form, fill in your details and email to

Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI)

The Department of Health is committed to providing quality processes and standards for IMGs seeking employment with HHSs in Queensland. All IMGs applying for principal house officer (PHO)/registrar positions in HHSs in Queensland may be required to undergo a Pre-employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI).

Find out more about the PESCI process.

For further information on how the Communication Program can assist you please email

The Communication Program is based at Level 5, Block 6 at the Skills Development Centre, RBWH.