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CSDS staff are well-placed to provide advice on all aspects of skill centre development including:

  • design
  • audio visual solutions
  • simulation, manikin, and virtual reality equipment
  • business planning and option appraisal.

Equipment Testing

Having clinical equipment that is ergonomically well-designed as well as safe and easy to use in high-stress situations is critical in the healthcare industry. CSDS offers the opportunity to test equipment in mid to late design stage to optimise its suitability. The CSDS’s immersive environment provides clinical realism in the following areas:

  • training ward
  • operating theatre
  • clinic room
  • emergency resus/trauma bay.

CSDS can work with clinical equipment specialists to refine design details in a highly realistic way. With the ability to record from multiple angles and deconstruct scenarios, companies can glean useful information and experience to provide them with a competitive edge.

In-Service Training

When new equipment is sold to hospitals, clinical staff need to understand not only the functionality of this equipment, but also how to operate it safely and how to use it in a crisis (where appropriate). CSDS offers a unique environment to deliver intensive in-service training that provides reassurance to all that staff have the knowledge and experience to use the equipment safely and appropriately.

Event Bookings

The Skills Development Centre is available to book for events as well as for more targeted use involving the training facilities housed within the centre. Availablity includes days, evenings, and weekends.

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